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It's common for parents of teens to feel embarrassed about not knowing everything there is to parenting their teens. Join the Club! We were not handed down a book of know it all day by day, instead we were handed Life. So here is where I come in. I resolve everyday conflicts between TEENAGERS AND PARENTS. The struggles are great in number, but your options are few.

Your parenting Capacity and Skills are as strong as you are mentally, physically, spiritually and even financially.
Several key factors to relieve stress as a parent of a teenager consist of gaining emotional control, learning and maintaining consistency using adaptability and flexible tools.

The concept is the ability to control emotions. When you parent only through authoritative views it removes reliability from your teen and skews the direct regard to the specific problem that masks your teen's true problem. This leaves your teen feeling emotionally threatened resulting in isolation and distant from you thus manifesting in behavior and emotional problems.

The problem lies in the lack of understanding how to relate to your teen's reasons for attitudes, distance and defiance.
What if you are able to get clear and appropriate responses from your teenager? What if your energy was preserved throughout the day instead of drained from arguing or frustration from parenting? Wouldn't it make life easier?

I can teach you how to regain control, be adaptable and relatable to your teen's needs in order for your teen to listen, communicate, follow directions and maintain focus for success.

Yes, this is a very real process and you also can learn to parent just like the many other successful parents that have worked with me in the past and currently. Take control of your parenting now!

Transparency can be a tool used to learn the structure necessary for you to be the best parent that you can be. It is realistic for you to connect with your teen on a deeper level. Fostering a healthy parental environment means your Teenager will come to you for advice first and not others.
This builds trust and a connection that eliminates or reduces frustrations for you.

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